Service Prices

In shop service price list

$10 for phone settings problems (ie. setting up emails on phones)

$50 for troubleshooting or installing hardware (ie. insurance reports, diagnosing why it won’t work without resolving, or the computer is unrepairable)

$90 per hour for repairs (including troubleshooting and fixing what is wrong) + hardware or software needed to fix the problem

$180 Maximum service charge (Repairs taking 2 or more hours active work on the computer including troubleshooting and repair work) + hardware or software needed to fix the problem.

The Hourly prices are for active work on the computer; not for starting a scan and walking away while it runs.

On Site Services

We offer on site (in house / office) service on week days for $120 per hour.
Seniors rate (65+) on site rate is $65 per hour for personal computers and laptops only.
This can be booked in by calling the shop on 1300 KURMOND (1300 587 666) or 02 4573 0544.